Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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Photography Gear Essentials for Beginning DSLR Photographers

Photography Gear Essentials for Beginning DSLR Photographers

Joining the bandwagon of beginning photography can be both exciting and overwhelming. First of all, choosing the right camera is in itself already tedious enough because you have to compare features and prices until you find what suits your purpose and budget. And then there’s the leveraging for the camera’s accessories that you needed whether you’re just a hobbyist or rooting for a future profession out of photography. But while you’re still a novice it doesn’t necessarily mean having to purchase half a dozen camera lenses and getting the newest top of the line camera equipment. Because the truth is, what you really need for now are just a few photography gear essentials to keep you going.

A Functional Camera Bag

Photography is not a cheap hobby or profession. The camera and the rest of the accessories you will be purchasing can get quite expensive and having a functional camera bag is naturally the most basic photography gear you should have—after the DSLR—to protect your investments. Lowepro, Kata, and Tenba have some of the great amateur photographer bags. Look for a bag that won’t only accommodate your camera and a few extra charger and batteries; rather, get a bag that has additional room for other useful camera accessories you might buy should you be ready for an upgrade.

Extra Batteries

Extra batteries are indispensable photography gear especially when travelling with your DSLR. In most cases when you’re already too engrossed with taking pictures, the last thing you’d want to worry about is running out of battery and not finding any nearest electrical outlet to re-charge it. So, don’t miss that precious scenery and capturing moments just because your camera’s battery indicator is furiously blinking its last straw at you.

Spare Memory Cards

Just like a camera battery you don’t want to rely with just one memory card and run out of spaces for your photographs in the middle of your shooting session. As an amateur photographer, one thing you would need to learn early is to be always prepared so you can enjoy every minute of taking photos.

A Sturdy Tripod

A tripod is a very common photography gear not just among amateur photographers, but even among professional ones. The use of tripod is best when taking nature shots, portrait or macro-photography. It is also advisable for long exposure shots, slow shutter speeds or low light situations. The price of a good tripod can range between $200 and higher. Gitzo and Manfrotto have several of the most quality tripods for digital SLRs.

Remote Shutter Release

You must have experienced having to re-set the timer of a camera when taking pictures and can be bothersome at one point or another. Having a remote shutter release allows a photographer to manipulate the camera and take pictures from a distance. Whether you want to be in the shot or just the one giving directions, having this photography gear can help you take great photos without needing to deal with shaky incidents that can blur the image.
There are several other photography gear essentials you may find yourself investing into as you become more skilled in photography. Nonetheless, a high price does not always mean an excellent result. Understanding how your camera works, how exposure and composition can make a photograph stand out, and making your accessories work to your advantage to create great pictures are all vital elements to thrive in the industry.


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